Fat to fit: 19-year-old comedian Salni, weighing 22 kg, has made a name for himself on TV as Gangubai

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Child artist Saloni Danny, who is captivating everyone with her comedy on television, is known as Gangu Bai. Saloni became famous on TV as a child artist Gangu Bai when she was just three years old.

He was criticized for being overweight for a long time. This made Celloni very upset.

Weight loss of 22 kg at lockdown

In an interview, Saloni said, ‘After posting my picture on social media, I would get comments – the buffalo is watching, how fat it is, how much it eats, one day it will explode. I laughed at all this, but at the same time I felt very bad. I have decided to lose weight in such a situation. I have lost 22 kg of weight using lockdown time. I was determined to transform myself into a lockdown and I succeeded.

Saloni further said that she is extremely careful before posting anything on social media to be successful at a young age. Saloni said- ‘I am a person who thinks ten times before posting something. I keep wondering from which angle my picture will be better. I have also faced hateful comments many times due to weight but now I don’t have to think before posting anything on social media.

Camo in ‘No Problem’

Saloni started her comedy career with the reality show ‘Comedy Circus Mahasangam’. He was only years old then. In this show, Saloni made the man laugh so much in the role of ‘Gangubai’ that he became known as ‘Gangubai’ among the TV industry and fans. Saloni became the youngest comedian.

Saloni appeared in a Marathi serial when she was just three years old. Apart from ‘Comedy Circus’, Saloni came to the discussion by appearing in a promo of Shah Rukh Khan’s show Keya Aapne Bichhi Paas Se Tej Hai. Saloni also made a cameo in the 2010 film ‘No Problem’.


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