Farmers share sowing video Arshad Warsi, singer Mika Singh says – Bhai Media doesn’t like it, they have to show Riya and Kangna

A month ago

Sharing the video, Arshad Warsi wrote, ‘Need is the mother of all inventions’.

Actor Arshad Warsi shared a video on social media on Friday, where three farmers are seen working hard and working hard. After watching this video, singer Mikha Singh commented that no one likes annoying news like his brother. They have to see Riya and Kangana.

In the video shared by Arshad, two farmers are seen pulling him back with his third partner lying on his back in the field and this time he is planting the tree in the ground with his hands. With this video, Arshad writes, ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’.

Micah said – people like the news of Riya and Kangna

Sharing this video of Arshad, Mika wrote, ‘Brother media and people are not interested in this annoying news … they like entertaining news like Riya and Kangana. Arnab Goswami is eager to see more of Salman Khan. But they don’t care about our farmers.

Even the hits on the news channels three days ago are tense

Earlier on Sept. 15, Mika retweeted a video of some children trying to avoid getting wet in the cottage in the rain, asking, “So who’s coming forward to help these kids?” Today I am requesting Tak, Prajatantra, G News, India TV, India Today, ABP News to look for them and let’s help them together. Pay a little attention to Riya and Kangana, there are more problems in the country. Recovery. ‘

People said it was not an invention

Most of the people liked this post of Arshad and appreciated it. However, some people did not understand it and told the actor that there was no discovery.


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