Farhan’s ex-wife Adhuna and girlfriend Shivani came together, did the bitterness end?

Farhan Akhtar has been discussing his love life for a long time. Photographs with Shivani Dandekar are displayed almost every day. These two often express their love. Recently, Shivani also posted about their relationship on social media.

Shivani appeared with Adhuna

Farhan Akter is currently in love with Shivani Dandekar. The two are often seen expressing their love on social media. However, in the same picture recently, Farhan’s ex-wife Adhuna and girlfriend Shivani Dandekar are seen standing side by side. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Looking at the two, it seems that there is no bitterness between the two.

Will be getting married soon

Let me inform you that there have been rumors for a long time that Farhan Akhtar and Shivani Dandekar will be getting married soon. The two have also been seen vacationing together recently. However, the news of the marriage has not been officially stamped yet, but it is hoped that the couple can tie the knot this year.


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