Farhan and Shivani shared the same picture, did the relationship last a year?

News of the relationship between Farhan Akhter and Shivani Dandekar is being published regularly in the media. However, the two have not yet openly discussed the matter. However, both of them regularly comment on each other’s pictures on social media. Recently, two such comments have been made, which are consistently headlined.

The couple is vacationing in Mexico

Farhan Akhtar and Shivani Dandekar shared a similar picture from their Instagram account, where Farhan is seen in the role of Shivani. In the caption of this photo, both of them have written Three Six Five (365). Both have the same image and caption, but the emojis are different. While creating the emoji for Farhan Trophy, Shivani created an emoji from Shoot Me LL. This anniversary post shows that the two are vacationing in Mexico and their relationship has been going on for a year.

Shivani replied provocatively

I tell you that a few days ago when Shivani was asked about her and Farhan’s relationship, she said, ‘I think a picture says a thousand words. People see it when I post something. I don’t think you have to write captions or say anything. Everything is clear in the photo.


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