Faraj Khan, actor of ‘Mehndi’, who was admitted to ICU in critical condition, appealed to the family for financial help.

Faraj Khan was offered the 1989 superhit film Main Pyaar Kiya. However, he later replaced Salman Khan.

  • According to Faraj Khan’s family members, he had an infection in his chest, which reached the brain.
  • Needing Rs 25 lakh for treatment, the family sought help through a fundraiser website

Actor Faraz Khan, who starred in ‘Mehndi’ and ‘Fareb’, has been admitted to the ICU ward of Vikram Hospital in Bangalore. His family members have sought financial help for the actor’s treatment. Actress Pooja Bhatt shared this information on Twitter, writing, “Please share and contribute if possible.”

Faraj’s family members Fahad Abousar and Ahmed Shamun have appealed to the public for financial assistance through a fund-raising website. They wrote- My dear brother, friend and favorite artist is on the verge of life today. He has given his many years to the art world and given the best gift in front of the camera. But today they need help to survive. Please help Faraj raise enough money for his treatment needs.

Chest infections reach the brain

Reading the post further – Faraj had been suffering from cough and chest infection for almost a year. Recently, when his cough suddenly increased, he consulted doctors via video call. During the consultation, on October 8, when doctors saw his condition, they advised him to be admitted to the hospital immediately. After that we called an ambulance.

However, what happened next shook us. Faraj was detained on the way to the ambulance. They suddenly began to move uncontrollably. When the ambulance arrived, he was placed on a stretcher and suffered another attack.

After that, a third visit came on the way to Vikram Hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, we learned that he had contracted a convulsive infection of the brain, which had spread from his chest.

25 lakh will be spent for treatment

According to the post, doctors have asked Faraj to be kept in a complex unit for 7-10 days, which will cost around Rs 25 lakh 25 as Faraj has not worked in film for many years. So 25 lakh rupees is a huge amount for them

Family members wrote: Doctors said Faraj could recover and lead a normal life. However, this is only possible if they are given the necessary treatment in the ICU.

Faraj is the son of character artist Yusuf Khan

Faraj Khan is the son of former character artist Yusuf Khan (‘my Akbar Antony’ fame Jebisco). She played the lead role in Rani Mukherjee starrer ‘Mehndi’ (1998). He has also acted in films like ‘Fareb’ (1996), ‘Prithvi’ (1997) and ‘Dil Ne Phir Jaad Kiya’ (2001).


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