Fans shocked by news of Swapna Chowdhury’s secret marriage and motherhood, tried to commit suicide by consuming poison due to controversy

14 days ago

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Haryanvi dancer and Bigg Boss 11 contestant Swapna Chowdhury Chowdhury has become a mother. She gave birth to a son at a hospital in Rohtak on Saturday night. Their fans are happy to hear this, but there is also a question in everyone’s mind when did they get married and why do they keep this thing a secret?

According to media reports, her husband Bir Sahu kept her marriage a secret as someone in her family had died. For this reason, both wanted a normal marriage but not a high profile marriage. The two were married in January this year.

Who is the husband of the dream?

Sapna’s husband is Bir Sahu who is an artist. He is a singer, composer, writer, producer and actor. The hero is best known for Haryanvi films like Villain (2018), Rasuk Ala Jat (2017), Year Landlord (2017) and Thaddi-Buddy (2016).

Sapna is involved in the debate

The dream image was like the always controversial dancer. He was controversial in 2016 when he tried to commit suicide by consuming poison. After consuming the poison, Sapna was admitted to the hospital in critical condition where she won the battle of life despite fighting to the death for several days.

In fact, Sapna tried to end her life by getting involved in a debate. 1 17 February 2011 A song was sung at a song program in Gurpur, Churpur, Gurgaon. Then, in July 201, an angry man named Satpal Tanwar got angry over the song and filed an FIR against Swapna under the SS-ST Act, which upset Swapna. Swapna also mentioned the incident in her suicide note before taking poison on September 4, 2016.

When Sapna was seen as a contestant on Bigg Boss 11 after coming out of the mouth of death, host Salman also asked her about suicide and said, “You were once very upset about life.

Sapna responded by saying, yes it is done, then I ate poison. At that time I used to listen to people but now I am paying attention to people’s words.

Dance from the age of 12

Born on September 25, 1990 in Rohat, Haryana, Sapna’s life is very volatile. He attended school from Rohatak. Dad was an employee of a private company who died in 2002. After the death of her father, Sapna took charge of the family and started dancing at the age of 12. Solid Body Ray of Sapana’s song became so famous that he became a famous dancer from Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, Punjab.


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