Fans appealed to Modi – the award should be given to the true hero of the country; In this post, Sonu Sood joins hands with Binoy

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  • Fans requested PM Modi that the Bharat Ratna award should be given to the true hero of India; In this post, Sonu Sood joins hands with Binoy

9 days ago

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Actor Sonu Sood Kovide has become a real hero during the lockdown. During the epidemic, Sonu Sood delivered thousands of people home, providing food, health care, and education. Since then, gold fans have not tired of praising him on social media. A fan asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give Bharat Ratna to Sonu Sood. In response to this post, Sonu Sood politely shook hands.

Social media user Sonu posted a picture of her at the temple

At social media users. There is also a picture of Sonu Sud in this post with the temple deity. Tilak has also been applied to it, meaning that this devotee worships Sonu. He appealed to Narendra Modi in his post that we demand to give Bharat Ratna to the real hero of the country. However, Sonu politely responded to this post. He posted the emoji with folded hands.

He expressed concern over the students who could not pay the fees

In fact, during the epidemic, Sonu took such steps for social service that everyone called him a true hero. Sonu has done a lot over the past few months to provide health care and education for the poor. Sonu Sood made several tweets earlier this month. Among them, he expressed concern that schools were closing online classes for students who were unable to pay. He said if banks could suspend, schools could make similar arrangements for students.


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