Famous Bhojpuri rapper Amy Kong said while rapping – ‘E or .. in Bihar?’, Watch the video

Amy Kong Amy was born in Punjab. He grew up in Punjab himself.

Nowadays, the famous rapper Amy Kong’s Bhojpuri rap is trying to take the Bhojpuri film world to a better place.

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  • Latest version:October 21, 2020, 6:38 pm IST

New Delhi. Bhojpuri The number of speakers and listeners is very high not only in our country but also abroad, so Bhojpuri actors Pawan Singh, Khesarilal Yadav and Dineshlal Yadav’s ‘Nirhua’ songs are released worldwide. This clearly shows that the region of Bhojpuri is much larger than we think. Nowadays, famous rappers are trying to take the Bhojpuri film world to a better place Amy Kong K. Bhojpuri Radap is becoming very popular on social media.

Amy is a resident of Punjab
In an exclusive interview with News18Hindi, Amy said she wants to take Bhojpuri to a level where she will not only become regional, but she will become a separate identity. Please tell, Amy was born in Punjab. He grew up in Punjab, his language is also Punjabi, but with the help of his Bhojpuri colleague he learned to speak Bhojpuri and now he is going as a Bhojpuri rapper. He said that the way the Punjabi film industry has progressed over the last 10 years, he wants to take the Bhojpuri film industry forward. Amy loves Bhojpuri very much, she believes that Bhojpuri is a very sweet dialect.

Amy says ‘Bihar e ba’Nowadays there is an election atmosphere in Bihar and in such a situation people are seen talking about Bihar through a song, so many are trying to tell their problems with this song too. Someone is singing ‘Ba …’ in Bihar, and someone is singing ‘E Ba … …’ in Bihar. At the same time, Amy puts her ‘Bihar Mein E Ba …’ in front of people through the rap .. Watch this video-

Amy says that when she first visited Patna, the capital of Bihar, she did not feel that she was in Patna, because she saw the same crowd in Delhi on the streets of Patna, in the same malls and all kinds of showrooms … Why can’t a city do that.


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