Family Man: After marrying Deepika, Ranveer has changed completely

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is currently in talks with his recently released film Goli Boy. At the same time, Ranveer Singh has also done a lot of spots with his wife Deepika these days. Where the couple regularly attends a Bollywood party. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone spent their first years together and got married on November 14, 2018. Ranveer Singh is now seen to change after marriage. It’s not us, Ranveer Singh has said all this himself recently. Let’s find out what Ranveer Singh has to say about this change.

Ranveer Singh says that his life has changed after marriage. He said, “I wake up on time, eat on time, go to work on time and come back on time, in short I can be a very good kid now. In fact, these things in Ranbir Singh may seem a bit strange but things changed after marriage. .

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Ranveer Singh has already said about the issues related to his marriage that “the dream that he (Deepika Padukone) dreamed of getting married, I wanted to be fulfilled. Everything he wanted was done exactly the same. It is complete.” He said, “He deserves everything. I deserve happiness too and my happiness comes from his happiness. It’s a very simple equation.” Really, Ranbir’s words have become like a family man. This style of Ranveer is also liked by his fans, where he is also very much liking his new ordinary avatar. Ranveer Singh is currently busy preparing for the shooting of his next film.


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