Family lawyer Bikash Singh claims – AIIMS doctor says Sushant was strangled to death, senior advocate Nikam says – there is no justice in talking

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  • Bikash Singh has claimed to this doctor that he is part of the AIIMS team. He told me long ago that the pictures sent by me indicated 200% that it was not suffocation and not suicide.

A month ago

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Bikash Singh is fighting his case on behalf of Sushant’s father KK Singh.

More than three months have passed since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, but the reason behind it has not been revealed yet. Initially, the case went to the CBI after a Mumbai police investigation. However, he has not been able to reach any conclusion so far. Meanwhile, Sushant’s family lawyer Bikash Singh has made a new claim regarding the actor’s death.

Bikash Singh said that an AIIMS doctor had told him that Sushant had strangled him to death. While the AIIMS team doctor has denied his claim, senior advocate Ujjwal Nikam has also termed Bikash Singh’s claim as uncontrollable.

New claims have been made via Twitter

In his tweet on Friday morning, Bikash Singh wrote, “The CBI is delaying the conversion of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case into suicide, adding to the frustration.” A doctor who was part of the Ames team told me long ago that the pictures I sent indicated 200% that the death was not due to suffocation and suicide.

The Ames team has denied the claim

Meanwhile, AIIMS panel chief Sushant’s death has been denied by Bikash Singh. In a conversation with the news channel Times Now, he said that looking at their neck marks or pictures of them would not yield any results. He said the forensic team was still investigating the case and had not yet reached a decision. So people should maintain peace and patience.

Nikam said – there is no justice in talking

When Bhaskar took a response from senior advocate Ujjwal Nikam at Sushant’s family lawyer Bikash Singh’s press conference, he said it was unreasonable. Nikam said he is a very intelligent lawyer. I understand that as a family lawyer they are demanding justice for Sushant. But won’t such a press conference put pressure on the investigating agency?

Nikam said the advice of Sushant’s family, why the accused were not arrested, was an attempt to put pressure on an investigating agency like the CBI somewhere. The CBI is an independent investigating agency. He is doing his job. What is the outcome of the meeting between AIIMS doctor and CBI, why it is not coming out yet? In such a situation he said that a doctor at Ames had confessed before him that there was 200% murder, but there was no evidence in the law of such private discussion.

The senior advocate said that Sushant’s family lawyer also said that it would not be a surprise to form an NCP-BJP government on the basis of the case. What are they trying to say through this? They should not talk like this and should not trust the CBI.

CFSLO did not find evidence of bad play

Earlier, CFSL (Central Forensic Science Lab) sources were quoted as saying that no ugly game was found in Sushant’s death. After counting the crime scene in Bandra’s flat, CFSL found that Sushant had died while hanging. CFSL has given this report to the CBI team. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed.

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