Faizal says – When I will come out of Amir’s shadow, why don’t people write to Faizal’s brother Amir

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Aamir Khan and Faizal Khan worked together in the movie ‘Mela’ released in 2000.

The relationship between Aamir Khan and his younger brother Faizal has not been normal for a long time. Now in an interview, Faizal said that he wants to come out of Amir’s shadow. He questioned why people do not write to Faizal’s brother Amir? In fact, Faizal Khan is stepping into directing from the film ‘Factory’ and if he believes that he did not get any help from Aamir in the production of this film.

Aamir has not even heard the script of the film

Speaking on an English news website, Faizal said, “They haven’t even heard the script of the film I made. And anyway, I don’t need that kind of help. Because I’ve gone through the process.”

‘No need to rely on Amir’

According to Faizal, he used to read the script when he joined the production house with Aamir Khan. In addition to what he learned as an assistant director in the early days of his career, he put in the film.

“I don’t have to rely on Amir for anything. Because philosophy is with the director. I didn’t want to take input from anyone. I wanted to finish the project myself.” Whether it’s a hit or a flop, whatever happens will be mine. “

‘Why no one is writing Faizal’s brother Amir’?

Faizal says he wants to get out of his brother’s shadow. “I didn’t let anyone decide. Above all, you have to make your own decision. Otherwise, how will you be able to create your own identity? I have my own struggles. When will Faizal come out of Aamir Khan’s shadow? Why would anyone like this?” Do not write in such a way that it is Faizal’s brother Amir? The whole system needs to be changed. “

An illness caused a rift between the two brothers

When Faisal is diagnosed with a mental illness called schizophrenia between the two brothers. Amir and his mother started giving him treatment and medicine against his will.

In a 2006 interview, Faizal said: “The truth is, I’ve never been sick. What was said about me was probably spread by my older brother and other family members. I was abducted. I was under house arrest. I was given unwanted drugs. “On Judgment Day, the judge said I was not suffering from any disease. I was able to live on my own. I should be treated like a normal person.”


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