Facing Mitu’s allegations, Tapasi Pannu on behalf of Anurag Kashyap said, “If the allegations are proved to be true, I will sever all ties with them.”

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  • Tapsi Pannu said Anurag Kashyap who faced Metu’s allegation, if the allegation is proved, I will sever all ties with him.

A month ago

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Tapsi Pannu backed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in the face of Metu’s allegations. When Pawel Ghosh recently accused Anurag of sexual abuse, Tapsi wrote a post on social media for Anurag saying, ‘Because, you are my friend, I know the biggest feminist. There will be a meeting again soon on the set of the new film, which shows how powerful and meaningful the women of your world are.

… then I will break all ties with love

Now, in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Tapsi said that if the allegations against Anurag were proved true, he would be the first to sever all ties with her.

Tapasi further said, ‘Anurag respects women very much, he does not say wrong things against anyone, even if he says wrong things against Anurag. His film set includes a few films where the crew consists of men on an equal footing with men and only speaks well of them. If anyone is receiving compensation, there should be an investigation and the truth should be revealed.

Tapasi has worked in Anurag-directed Manmargajia. At the same time the bull made in his production has also been seen.

The first wife also supported

Apart from Tapsi, Anurag’s first wife Aarti Bajaj also supported him, Aarti wrote on social media, “I am Anurag’s first wife, you are a rockstar.” Continue to empower women as always. And also create a safe place for all of them. This is the first time I’ve seen it from our daughter’s side. It seems that honesty is completely gone. Now there is no truth left and the world is full of losers, there is no brain left and people are thirsty for the voiceman’s blood.

Aarti, 47, married Anurag in 1997. The relationship lasted 12 years. The two separated in 2009.

Kalki also praised

Kalki wrote on Instagram, ‘Dear Anurag, this social media circus will not reach you. You have fought for the freedom of women in your script. You have protected his integrity in his professional life as well as in his personal life. I have witnessed it. You have always considered me as your equal in your personal and professional life, you have stood by me even after divorce and you supported me even though I felt insecure in the work environment then so we were not even married then.

Anurag and Kalki were married in April 2011. The two separated in November 2013. It was the second marriage of affection.


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