Eye contact: The unit member said- Vijay Raj grabbed the crew member’s hand in the set and pulled him towards him with a tangle.

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Crow biryani actor Vijay Raj is in the news. On Monday, November 2, the co-actor was arrested in Gondia on charges of indecency. Then bail was also given. Lioness photo crew members have now reported the incident. Witnesses say Vijay grabbed the girl’s arm and pulled her towards him.

Hold hands to get attention
According to Midday News, the whole incident took place among the 30 people present on the set. The member said that the girl was sitting when Vijay grabbed her hand to draw her attention. Because of this he lost his temper. However, this is not the right way to deal with a female colleague in any workplace. It is clear that victory did not humiliate him.

Vijay immediately apologized
The member said that Vijay realized that he had made a mistake and immediately apologized to the girl, but he was very sorry. The shooters canceled the shoot that day, after which the girl filed a complaint. However, a friend of the complainant said that Vijay had treated the girl like this for the fourth time.
The source further said that exploitation happens in different ways and it is also a form of exploitation. After all, why would a veteran actor want to touch a woman on the Liberty set. I don’t know if he meant bad behavior but he did.

Vijay did the shooting on Wednesday
In the news of the removal from the film, Vijay Raj was shooting on a lion set on Wednesday. Amit Masurkar and Vikram Malhotra have yet to take action against him and the unit has been directed to complete the rest of the shooting by the end of the week. Vidya Balan had ended her fate so she was kept in a hotel.

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