Ex-wife Malaika Aurora speaks for the first time about the deteriorating relationship with Arbaaz

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Aurora have been with each other for a long time but after that the two decided to separate. But even after the divorce, the two are sharing a good relationship and Malaika is seen at Salman’s house in almost every festival and any other occasion. But recently Malaika has revealed her relationship with Arbaaz.

Published about his relationship with Arbaaz

Recently Malaika Aurora went to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s radio show, where she talked about her divorce from Arbaaz Khan and said that we are both sorry for each other. Malaika said, ‘We were both in a situation where everyone was upset because of us. The two of us were affecting our whole lives. I sat with the family for one night before I got divorced and I talked … I asked myself do I want a 100% divorce? Then I decided.

Divorce was not easy for Malaika

Malaika added, ‘This decision has never been easy for me. It wasn’t a simple decision, which I could take a pinch of. Complaints are equated at some point in such decisions and partners point fingers at each other. Every ordinary person does it. It was a more important decision for someone like me because happiness is the most important thing for me. Arbaaz and I talked a lot before making this decision and then separated. When Malaika was asked how she handled everything after the divorce and how her relationship with Arbaaz was shared, she said, ‘I think when it comes to having children in your relationship, you take the matter more seriously. . I wouldn’t say that Arbaaz is my very best friend but yes, we share a good relationship. Our son’s happiness is important in our relationship.


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