Ex-girlfriend Pooja Bisht talks about Sharad Malhotra’s marriage

Popular TV star Sharad Malhotra has recently decided to get married. Sharad Malhotra will take seven rounds from Delhi-based designer Ripsey Bhatia this year. It is said that the wedding is going to be held in April. It is also said that Sharad and Ripsi first met at an event and Sharad was invited to the first meeting.


Spotboy.com spoke to his ex-girlfriend Pooja Bisht about Sharad Malhotra’s marriage and said, “I don’t want to talk about it.” I’ve wasted a lot of my time on autumn, and don’t want to do it anymore. “After which the actress stopped.

Earlier, Pooja had revealed in a conversation with the Bombay Times that ‘months ago, Sharad started behaving strangely. Suddenly, I started living a little bit. At first I thought he was doing this because of the workload. He didn’t even let me know that he was planning to end the relationship. Two months ago I found out that he was also meeting another girl.

Bishoppuja_46179363_311909529645150_3266328592042843335_nSharad betrayed Puja for another girl

Puja also hinted that Sharad was having an affair with another girl. Pooja added – Sharad told me that my manager had arranged a meeting with the girl, but in fact the two had met on Instagram. Despite all this, I did not doubt it. I never interfered in his work, so there was no point in lying to me.

Sharad did a breakup under the direction of mother astrologer and astrologer?

Puja further said that he was shocked. ‘On the day of the breakup, he told me he didn’t feel any connection to me. He further said that two months ago an astrologer told him that he left me because he was not right to be with me. She wanted to end our relationship under the guidance of her mother and astrologers. He kept me in the dark for two months. ‘


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