Eros has now apologized for the obscene post made in Boyra for fear of Narotri

New Delhi: Posting pornography on Navratri, playing with the faith of Hindus, made the film production company Irs Nao very heavy. The boycott campaign of the company has started on social media. The company was constantly targeted by the people, after which the company has now apologized. However, it is different that people’s anger over the insult of Navratri has not abated yet.

Ers Nao wrote in an apology, ‘We respect every religion. We had no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings. We deleted that post and we apologize for that. ‘

Objection to the words
In fact, the company posted a rude post about Navratri. On one side was Katherine Kaif and on the other side was actor Ranveer Singh. The words used in this post were extremely offensive, so people got angry. #Bycotrose is now trending through social media. People started targeting the company alleging insult to Navratri. Older tweets from the user organization also began to be searched, where it welcomed festivals like Eid.

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What is the purpose of gaining popularity?

Finally, the organization has to apologize now because of the huge opposition from the people. Eros Nao tried to show that he did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. While this is true, the question arises as to why he felt the need to prepare such a pornographic post about the festival? Was all this done to gain cheap popularity?


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