Emran Hashmi’s next film ‘Captain Nawab’ has gone to cold storage?

Recently, Imran Hashmi’s film ‘Ken Chit India’ came out, which did not show anything special at the box office. In this film, Imran is seen opening the polls of the education system. However, another picture was announced long ago, it was ‘Captain Nawab’. However, after a long time, some specific information about this film has not been released.

Did you go to cold storage? Captain Nawab

According to media reports, Emran Hashmi’s film ‘Captain Nawab’ is now on hold. And it is said that this movie may take a long time to start. Earlier, Malvika Raj was going to make her Bollywood debut with this film, but now this film is closed. According to news portal DNN, the main reason for this incident is the highly sensitive subject matter of the film. In this film, Imran Hashmi was supposed to play the role of a spy who was a spy for both India and Pakistan but both the countries came to know about his deception.

The Indian Army could not get approval

According to reports, due to the sensitive nature of the film, it needs the permission of the Indian Army. The director of the film Tony de Souza said that Imran is in the role of a double agent in this film. The Indian Army is terrified of how to fire in such a situation. He has expressed some concerns for her. In such a situation, if they are not sure about it, the approval of the film may be delayed. Tony said, ‘Yes, we sent the script to the Department of Defense. We are waiting for permission from them to shoot. A schedule for this film has been completed, but further shooting requires Army permission.


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