Dussehra 2020: These are the favorite movies of Bollywood stars, they convey the message of victory of good over evil.

New Delhi: Bollywood actors have shared their favorite films on the occasion of Dussehra to celebrate the victory of good over evil. You also know which movie the actor likes. Just like that You can find out why these pictures are like the last.

Himani Shivpuri – ‘Bandhan’

The national film for veteran actress Himani Shivpuri is Salman Khan’s ‘Bandhan’, which came out in 1998. He said that ‘Bandhan’ is one of his favorite films One of the best examples of this is that truth always wins. Let everyone who hasn’t seen this movie know that Jackie Shroff’s character is portrayed as a bit selfish. Jackie is married for the second time in the film. For this reason, he ruined his relationship with his first wife and his family. They realize the importance of the relationship and the mistakes much later.

The actress further said that during the festival season of Dussehra, the film inspires people not to fall prey to wrong thoughts and anger. “People should move towards good behavior,” he said.

Tushar Kapoor – ‘Lakshmi Boma’

Actor-producer Tushar Kapoor chose his upcoming film ‘Lakshmi Boma’ starring Akshay Kumar. He said in a recent interview, ‘I’m on a winning streak right now Can’t think of a picture. For me, ‘Lakshmi Boma’ is a film that conveys this message. This is a special movie because it tells about the victory of good over evil. There is something in this film made with Indian standards that everyone will be associated with. There is something in it that will give you an education, there is something that will inspire you.

Harlin Sethi – ‘Rang De Basanti’

Harlin Sethi described Rang De Basanti as her favorite film and said that ‘Rang De Basanti’ will never get old. It encourages young people to stand up against injustice, Awaken patriotism and show opposition to moral-political corruption. It makes you think that letting it be wrong is also wrong.

Hiten Tejwani – ‘The Lion King’

For actor Hiten Tejwani, the classic Hollywood film ‘The Lion King’ fits the theme. The actor said, ‘I like‘ The Lion King ’, how Simba goes after and after Comes back and later becomes king.

Gracie Singh – ‘Lagan’

Actress Gracie Singh chose the 2001 blockbuster release Lagan to get a good victory over evil. The actress said, ‘The film really brings the issue of life to the fore. Heavy taxes and lots After years of drought, Champaner’s peasants rallied to challenge the British army in the game of cricket so that they could remove the taxes imposed on them. Their hard work and honesty ultimately brings color. The image conveys the message according to the theme.

Shamin Mannan – ‘Mardaani 2’

To actress Shamin Mannan, the film ‘Mardani 2’ is a message of kindness towards evil deeds, where Rani Mukherjee was seen in a police incarnation. He said, ‘Anyway, Rani should not be a serial rapist Not only has he been arrested, but he has been beaten a lot, he wonders. I scream whenever I see that film.

Saba Saudagar – ‘Mardani’

Actress Saba Saudagar has agreed with Shamin Mannan. He said he also likes ‘Mardani’. He said the picture is very real to look at. This film completely defines the social structure By

Pooja Bandyopadhyay – ‘Story’

The theme that is suitable for actress Pooja Banerjee for this theme is ‘Kahani’ starring Vidya Balan. He said, ‘The story of the film is great. Great script, power-packed performance and background sub Perfect fits this theme. This is an impressive film.


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