Drugs in Bollywood: Arjun Rampal’s sister Komal arrives at NCB office after being summoned again for making fake prescriptions of banned drugs

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21 days ago

The NCB raided Arjun Rampal’s house on November 2. On November 11 and 12, his girlfriend Gabriela Demetriade was interrogated. Rampal’s driver was also detained for several hours and interrogated – file photo

Arjun Rampal’s sister Komal Rampal arrived at the investigating agency’s office on Monday after being summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for drug connection. According to the report, Komal was summoned by the investigating agency last week for questioning. But then he could not appear before the NCB. Her lawyer informed the agency of her disability.

When was the last summons sent to Komal?

Komal was last summoned after questioning his brother Arjun Rampal and his South African partner Gabriela Demetriades in a drug case. Investigative agencies have arrested Gabriela Demetriud’s brother, Gisialos Demetriuds, who is currently out on bail.

Komal Rampal, former airhostess and spa consultant at the 1994 Miss India finals

Komal has been accused of giving fake prescriptions

The NCB got the banned drug from Arjun Rampal’s house. With which he presented a prescription of a back date before the investigating agency. The prescription was prepared by a doctor in Delhi under the direction of the actor’s sister Komal. The NCB has recorded the statement of the doctor before the magistrate under section 164 of the CRPC. According to the doctor, this claim was written for the pleasure of the actor’s sister.

The drugs were recovered from Rampal’s house

During interrogation, Arjun Rampal told the NCB that some of the tablets recovered in the operation were from his dog because he had severe pain in his joint. The veterinarian prescribed these drugs. According to the NCB, the ultraset tablet was recovered from the actor’s house during the operation. It is a prescription drug that is used during acute pain. The second drug was clonazepam, this drug can be taken only when the doctor prescribes it.


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