Divyanka Tripathi’s ex-boyfriend Sharad Malhotra is going to marry this Hasina

Popular TV star Sharad Malhotra often talks about his love. At first there was a lot of talk about his relationship with Divyanka Tripathi. The relationship between the two was about to reach the point of marriage when Sharad and Divyanka surprised everyone with their decision to break up. After the breakup with Divyanka, Sharad joined Puja in detail, but before the marriage decision was made, Sharad rekindled his relationship with her. Now Sharad has finally decided to get married. According to reports, Sharad Malhotra will take seven rounds from Delhi-based designer Ripsey Bhatia this year. It is said that the wedding is going to be held in April. It is also said that Sharad and Ripsi first met at an event and Sharad was invited to the first meeting.


Bollywood Life reports, ‘Sharj Malhotra was not in the mood to go in a relationship with anyone after his breakup with Pooja Bishut last year. Although his mother was regularly asking him to marry her. When Sharad Malhotra went to a family function last year, he met Ripsi, who liked him at first sight. Riccio liked Sharad’s mother. Somehow, it’s a sorted-cum-love wedding. Ripsi and Sharad are both like each other and want to take their relationship to a new level. ‘

The report further said, ‘Sharad and Ripchi will get married in Mumbai in April 2019. Preparations for the wedding have begun. Both families are thinking of getting married easily. The special thing about the wedding is that Ripchi will design her own dress.


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