Divyanka Tripathi told Mukesh Khanna in a controversial statement about Metku that the old Khayalwala, Sona Mohapatra was disabled

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Mukesh Khanna recently said that the Mi-two problem started as soon as women started working outside. They are being trolled with this statement. Meanwhile, actress Divyanka Tripathi called Mukesh Khanna an old thinker, while musician Sona Mohapatra called her disabled.

Divyanka said embarrassed
Divyanka said how old and caring this statement is. One feels embarrassed when people make such a statement sitting in such a respectable place. Divyanka said that this anger towards women could be the result of old memories. I have this idea to give the benefit of the doubt. Mr. Mukesh, with all due respect, I condemn your statement

Sona scoffs at Mukesh
Sonar Mohapatra Mukesh Khanna’s statement was harsh – yes, according to these men, men never exploit housewives or children. They should be ignored, they are dull. The sad thing is that this kind of backward thinking is all around us. However, we deployed troops. Change is slow, but coming.

Mukesh Khanna has clarified this statement
Mukesh Khanna said, “Women’s writing is different and has started to work differently from people. Today, women are talking shoulder to shoulder with men.”

Mukesh Khanna clarified his controversial remarks given to women. She wrote in an Instagram post, “I’m really surprised that one of my statements is being taken very wrongly. I’m being called against women. As much as I respect women, I don’t care if anyone does.”

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