Dissatisfied with her son John Kumar’s insistence, mother Rita said – my other two sons can sing better than Rahul.

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  • Jan Kumar Sanu’s mother Rita was surprised by Rahul Vaidya’s comment on nepotism in Bigg Boss and said, “My other boys can sing better than him.”

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In season 14 of Bigg Boss, Rahul Vaidya again put the question of nepotism on top of John Kumar. After which Jan’s mother Rita Bhattacharya was again attracted to Rahul and said that Jan wanted to make a name for herself. He said forget my life, my other boys can sing better than Rahul.

Jan said- I will not go to my father
After Rahul’s comment, Jan and the rest of the family were also surprised. Rahul said- I hate kinship. All the people here work their own hard work, life is only here because of their father’s son. They do not have their own personality. When Jan found out about this, he became angry and said that I am the son of Kumar Sanu. Not only that, Rahul was heard to say angrily – do not go to the father.

Rita says- Nepotism was forgotten in the work
In an interview with Spot Boy, Rita said that Jan is on the show because of her hard work. This is a very insulting statement. If Rahul thinks that John is on the show for nephew reasons, then why are they both together on the same platform. Why are they with my son. Jan’s father sang 23,000 songs, so being his son, Jan should have done 23 songs in the industry. But not because he has achieved everything himself.
Rita further reveals why Rahul forgot his nephew when Jan’s singing helped him win the job.

Kumar Big did not want to sit down
Rita further revealed that Kumar Sanu Jan does not want to go to the show. But it was a decision he knew because he wanted to prove himself. His son knows how good a singer he is, there is no music director or composer in the film industry who asked him to give him a chance. Because we believe kids need to create their own names.
If they are good the public will not accept them otherwise. Rita said her two older sons could also sing. Let me forget my life with all due respect, my two sons are better singers than Rahul. But they are not in public because they do not want it.


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