Disha Salian’s death case: Bombay High Court rejects CBI probe into Disha Salian’s death

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21 minutes ago

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Just 6 days before Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, his manager Disha Salian also died under suspicious circumstances. Mumbai police said it was a suicide in the investigation. But when the investigation into Sushant’s death reached the hands of the CBI, there was a demand from the CBI to investigate Disha’s death. An appeal containing the same claim was rejected by the Bombay High Court.

The Supreme Court also rejected the appeal
Disha committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor of a building in Malad on June 8. Then, on June 14, Sushant Singh Rajput’s body was found hanging in his Mumbai home. Although an earlier petition seeking the same had been filed in the Supreme Court, the court asked the petitioner what was the harm in contacting the Bombay High Court in this case.

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