Director’s return: Sushant Singh couldn’t get along with Rajput, Shekhar Kapoor, now returning after 13 years

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7 minutes ago

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Shekhar Kapoor has announced his new project. He is going to make his first picture after 13 years. In 2007 she created Elizabeth – the Golden Age. Shekhar Kapoor has been working on another project called ‘Jal’ in recent years. Sushant Singh Rajput was supposed to play a character in this film, but the film did not work.

Shekhar Kapoor tweeted on Monday that he has started the first rehearsal of his next project. He revealed that British actor Emma Thompson is working on a new film. Shekhar said that Emma is a great artist. The film will be shot in South Asia and London.

Cross-cultural romantic comedy new project
It is learned that the film was announced earlier this month. This is a cross culture romantic comedy film. The name of this picture – What Love Got To Do It? In addition to Emma, ​​Lily James and Shehzad Latif have also acted in the film. The film is written and co-produced by Jemima Khan. In addition to working on the previous film Elizabeth, Shekhar has directed several short films. William Shakespeare was also the executive producer of a TV show.

Sushant’s performance was not up to screenplay or rehearsal
Recently he talked about his special project Water. Shikhar Kapoor also spoke about Sushant with Manoj Vajpayee on Instagram. Shekhar said there are ups and downs in Sushant’s life. I was so excited to work with Sushant that he said in a special insta session with Manoj Vajpayee – one special thing I noticed about Sushant. The screenplay of his acting was not limited to reading, rehearsing or running. His interest would go far. Whenever I met with the production designer, DOP or VFX team about the project, Sushant was there.


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