Dimple Kapadia’s daughters used to call Sunny Deol a little dad, read this hearsay story

New Delhi: Coming back to the movie ‘Sagar’ Dimple Kapadia She was in dire need of work at that time, this time she was separated from her husband Rajesh Khanna and was living separately with her two daughters Twinkle and Rink. Sunny Deol was a superstar at that time. Dimple and Sunny came to the movie ‘Manzil-Manzil’ for the first time. The film was badly beaten at the box office. But with the film’s relationship it became a super hit, with Sunny and Dimple.

Dimple’s daughters called Sunny little daddy
In the nineties, Sunny’s love story was widely read and read in every film magazine. A friend of his, who used to play cards with Dimple regularly, opened the survey at the time and said that Dimple’s daughters call Sunny Deol a younger father. Not only that, where Dimple regularly played Tin Patti and Rumi in Versova, Sunny would come in the evening to pick them up in her big car. Dimple’s friends used to tease her that Shalika had come, now go.

The sun The secret crush was Dimple
Sunny is married to London-based Pooja. But like every boy Bobby saw, he had a secret crush on Dimple. Dimple broke down after being separated from her husband. Most importantly, Dimple never asked Sunny to divorce and marry his wife. Even today they have such a good understanding that even after reaching the age of sixty, the two can be seen traveling abroad together.

Sunny doesn’t want to make this mistake
When Sunny made her film debut in “Betaab” in 1983, she got married the following year. He did not want to do what his father did to his wife and children. When Dharmendra married Hema Malini, Dharmendra’s wife Prakash, sons Sunny and Bobby and both daughters had to go through trauma. In those days, the story was also famous about how teenage Sunny Deol ran to kill the then famous journalists Hema Malini and Devayani Chaubal with a knife. Sunny didn’t want that to happen to her boys either. Therefore, throughout his life he maintained a balance between the two relationships. When Dimple’s sister Simple died, Sunny was with Dimple the whole time. Dimple and Sunny’s thirty-five year old relationship is equally strong today.


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