Diljit Dosandha’s last tweet, Kangana Ranaut’s suggestion to apologize!

Kangana Ranaut, Diljit Dosandha (Photo credit – ঙ্গ Kangana Ranaut / @ Diljit Dosandha / Instagram)

Diljit Dosandh shared a post by tagging Kangana Ranaut while saying ‘Today’s last tweet’.

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  • Latest version:December 4, 2020, 12:25 AMST

Mumbai Nowadays there is a lot of discussion about the farmers’ movement. At the same time, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and actor Diljit Dosanjh are fighting over the issue, which has become a separate issue on social media. For this reason, celebrities have also been divided into two groups. The issue started with a tweet from Kangna, where an elderly woman involved in the protest said that she should act in ‘Shaheen Bagh’ and ‘with 100 rupees’. At the same time, Kangana responded to Kangana’s tweet, while Diljit got angry. After that Diljit also repatriated him. He also tweeted about Kangana.

Diljit Dosandha Wrote, tweeted, ‘So brother today’s last tweet … ঙ্গKanganatim. This pet is famous … and to confuse the matter … the problem is with the crop and we are all with the farmer. Peacefully. If you want to correct your actions, apologize to the mothers of Punjab. See Diljit Doshanh’s tweet here

I tell you, since Kangana’s tweet with an elderly woman, many are objecting to this tweet. In such a situation, a fight has started on Twitter between actor Diljit Dosandha and Kangana Ranaut. Where Kangana called Diljit ‘Karan Johar’s pet’, now Diljit also asked Kangana in reply, ‘He took pictures with Jis-Jis, he is also a pet …’. Not only that, the war between the two has escalated considerably.


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