Dilip Kumar’s nephew claims: Tragedy never fell in love with Peshawar from the king’s heart, wanted to give gifts to the people here

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11 hours ago

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A relative of Dilip Kumar, who lives in Pakistan, has claimed that Tragedy King wanted to give gifts to the people of his Peshawar-based mansion. The man, identified as Fuak Ishaq, is the nephew of Dilhip Kumar, who was chairman of the Sarhad Chambers of Commerce. Fouac said in an interview that he has legal rights to the property.

‘Dilip’s love for Peshawar has never diminished’

Fuak said that Dilip Sahab has a lot of respect for the people of Peshawar. That is why he wanted to give his ancestral mansion to the people here. His love and affection for Peshawar did not diminish from his heart. Fouac further explained that he has the property and legal powers of this mansion. He claimed that 96-year-old Dilip Kumar had given him the power in 2012.

This is what Dilip Kumar was born in 1922

Last week, a Peshawar-based spokesperson for Dilip Kumar told reporters that Dilip Kumar always talks about the beautiful memories of his birthplace and his ancestral home in Mahalla Khudabad. Dilip Kumar was born here in 1922 and his family moved to India in 1935.

The current owner does not want to sell the mansion at the official rate

The sale was offered at an official rate by the Hawali government in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which was rejected by its current owner. The palace was spread over an area of ​​about 100 sq km and was priced at Rs 60.56 lakh by the provincial government.

Haji Lal Mohammad, the current owner of the air lot, has demanded Rs 25 crore for it. Haji Lal Mohammad argued that he bought the mansion in 2003 for Rs 51 lakh. In such a situation, it is unfair to charge Rs 60.56 lakh after 16 years.


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