Did Kareena Kapoor remove Bobby Deol from the film? Shahid Kapoor re-entered

Kareena Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Shahid Kapoor (Photo Credit – িনKarinakapurKhan / Imbobidiol / @Shahidkapur / Instagram)

Bobby Deol was supposed to appear opposite Kareena Kapoor in the superhit film Job Way Met, but something happened that took Bobby Deol instead of Shahid Kapoor.

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Mumbai Recently, Job We Met, one of the Bollywood superhit films, turned 13 years old. Actress Kareena Kapoor shared an interesting photo with Shahid Kapoor and director Imtiaz Ali while recalling the film. As interesting as the story of the film is, the stories related to it are equally shocking. We are going to tell you an anecdote related to this movie. You may be surprised to know that actor Bobby Deol was supposed to meet Kareena Kapoor earlier in the film, but at the last minute Bobby Deol was dropped from the film and he replaced actor Shahid Kapoor. According to media reports, it was due to Kareena Kapoor.

Film Bobby Deol was the first choice of Joby We Met, it was revealed by Bobby Deol himself. According to a Hindustan Times report, Bobby Deol said in the interview that what happened was that Shahid Kapoor came in his place later. Bobby Deol said that he was very impressed with Abhay Deol’s film ‘Sakha Na Tha’ with Imtiaz Ali and he also expressed his desire to work with Imtiaz. In such a situation when he got ‘Jab We Met’, he said yes. At that time the name of the film was ‘Geet’.

Bobby Deol said that he was the one who suggested Kareena Kapoor’s name for the film. Back then, Kareena and the producers were not ready for that film. But after a while he read that Kareena has said yes to Imtiaz and Shahid Kapoor has come in his place. It was reported in the media that Kareena Kapoor said Shahid Kapoor instead of Bobby Deol in the film.


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