Did Kapil Sharma tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get drunk? Watch the video

Comedian Kapil Sharma long ago made headlines by tagging and tweeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “I have been paying Rs 15 crore in taxes for the last five years, but I had to pay a bribe of Rs 5 lakh to BMC to set up the office,” Kapil wrote.

Kapil didn’t stop there and he wrote in a tweet – Are these your good days? ”

Kapil will be seen talking openly about this on Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan’s new chat show Pinch. A promotion of the show is going viral where Kapil was seen making a big revelation while talking about a tweet made to Prime Minister Modi.

In the promo video, Kapil is seen saying, “If someone wakes up in the morning and tweets at 5 pm, it’s straightforward. Either he’s very sad or he’s drinking.”

After this promo, there is curiosity among the viewers about Arbaaz’s new show with Kapil. Let us tell you that Arbaaz Khan’s show Pinch will appear on YouTube channel Kople.


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