Did brother Arjun befriend Sonam with Malaika? The story tells the picture

Today, everyone knows about the rivalry between Malaika Aurora and Sonam Kapoor. The two never liked to talk to each other. In fact, during a party there was a quarrel between the two, then the two are far away from each other. But a picture is going viral on social media, telling a different story.

Has Sonam-Malaika become friends?The

Natasha Punawala shared a photo on her Instagram account, where Malaika Aurora and Sonam Kapoor were seen enjoying the holiday together. Recently, many Bollywood stars came to the pre-wedding ceremony of the son of the country’s big businessman. Sonam arrived here with her husband Anand. After this pre-wedding, everyone went out to hang out there. From there Natasha Punawala shared this picture on social media, which is going viral. It seems that Sonam forgot her friendship with Malaika for many years because of her brother Arjun Kapoor.

There was a fight at a party

For your information, let us know that both the actresses went to a party where Malaika was out of control after drinking a few drinks. Sonam then tried to handle them but Malaika told them to shout. Since then, their relationship has deteriorated.


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