Despite being married, Sunny Deol sat in the heart of Amrita Singh, the actress broke up after the reality was revealed

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Bollywood macho Sunny Deol is 64 years old. He was born on 19 October 1956 in Sahniwal, Ludhiana (Punjab). Sunny started her Bollywood career in 1983 with ‘Betaab’. He has given several hit films in his career including several films like Karj, Border, Gadar, Arjun, Krodh, Yal Yaal, Warrior, Tridev, Chalbaj. In addition to this, his film ‘Gadar’ has broken many records at the box office.

However, Sunny is also known for her love affair in addition to movies. Sunny-Amrita’s love was high during the shooting of ‘Betaab’. Although Pooja was Sunny’s fiance at the time, he hid it from Amrita.

That is why the relationship with worship was spread

Pujo had a relationship with Sunny before her debut. However, Dharmendra does not want any connection with Sunny’s worship before the release of ‘Betab’. Because it can have a negative effect on Sunny’s romantic image.

Pooja was in London until the film was released. At that time, Sunny often secretly went to London to meet Pooja. Later, when the news of Sunny’s marriage was published in the newspaper, Sunny denied the marriage. Finally, in 1984, pictures of Sunny and Puja’s wedding were published.

Meanwhile, Amrita’s mother Rukhsana Sultana was against her daughter’s relationship with Sunny. Sunny’s mother Prakash Kaur also objected to this because she knew about Sunny’s marriage.

After discovering Sunny’s truth, Amrita spreads her relationship with him and moves on with her life.

Dimple’s entry into Sunny’s life

Dimple Kapadia entered Sunny’s life after parting ways with Amrita. After divorcing Rajesh Khanna, Dimple came to Sunny Deol. According to the ‘Friday Flashback’ article appearing on entertainment portal Pinkvilla, “While Sunny and Dimple were dating, Dimple’s daughters Twinkle and Rink Khanna started calling Sunny ‘Little Daddy’.

Sunny and Dimple spend more time with each other. The two first worked together in the 1984 film Manzil-Manzil. Both of them were even live-in. Sunny’s wife Pooja was in Mumbai but she lived with Dimple. Both (Sunny and Dimple) kept their love life hidden from the eyes of the camera for a long time. ”

Amrita was satisfied

In those days, almost every magazine reported that Dimple and Sunny were close to each other despite being married. When Amrita Singh was asked about this, she could not hide her bitterness.

He said – I think he (Dimple) has nothing to lose. He has lived a full life. In such a situation, if this relationship does not reach any stage, then there is no problem. He is happy with a relationship where stability is needed. ”

Sunny and Dimple had been in a relationship for almost 11 years. When the news of their relationship reached Sunny’s wife Pooja, she asked him to separate from Dimple. He threatens Sunny that if he doesn’t leave Dimple, he will leave the house. Eventually Sunny-Dimple split.

Has love not diminished?

In 2017, Sunny and Dimple were spotted together in Monaco, Europe. A picture went viral on social media. In this photo, the two were holding each other’s hands at a bus stop.


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