Deepika stayed at Hotel Taj to push the media present outside the house, meeting her legal team late at night

A month ago

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Deepika Padukone arrived at the NCB guest house at 7.30 am on Saturday.

  • It is claimed that Deepika reached the NCB office in a small car from Hotel Taj.
  • Deepika arrived in Mumbai from Goa on Thursday, with the media chasing her home

Deepika Padukone appeared before the Narcotics Control Bureau on Saturday after signing up for a Bollywood drug connection. He reportedly reached the NCB office from Hotel Taj in south Mumbai, not directly from his home. It is said that she and her husband Ranveer Singh checked in at the Taj Hotel at night.

The smart decision taken to avoid the media

Deepika returned to Mumbai from Goa on Thursday night. This time the media followed him to his home. Seeing this, the actress and her husband made a smart decision to avoid unwanted media coverage.

At night he was transferred from home to the hotel and from there he reached the NCB office in another small car. It is also claimed that Deepika and Ranveer also had a meeting with their lawyers late at night.

Deepika agrees to talk in the drug chat

If the reports are to be believed, Deepika Padukone in the NCB investigation has confessed to drug addiction with her manager Karisma Prakash in 2017. However, he has denied using drugs. According to NCB sources, Deepika has admitted to smoking certain types of cigarettes.

Deepika said- the whole group took a drop

Deepika told NCB that her whole group takes drops, it is a special kind of cigarette. There are many kinds of things in it. The news claimed that when the NCB asked Deepika about using the words weed and hashish in the chat, they did not give a clear answer. When asked if the drop she took contained drugs, the actress remained silent.


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