Deepika Padukone wants to get this ministerial post in politics, read on

Beautiful Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has been famous since Ranveer Singh’s marriage. Where now he is going to start shooting his next photo very soon. Recently, Deepika has spoken about entering politics.

Deepika Padukone recently reached the Lokmat Awards held in Mumbai. Where in this award Deepika expressed her desire to go into politics. Deepika said that she would like to take the post of Clean India Minister if given the opportunity. Talking about the reasons for this, the actress said that she is very conscious about cleanliness. Which is why they should get this position.

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But now Deepika has no plans to go into politics as she is going to start shooting for her next film which will soon be based on the life of Lakshmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor. In this film, Deepika will also be seen opposite him in Bikant Mass. The name of this picture is ‘Chapak’. At the same time, her fans are very keen to see Deepika back on screen in this film.


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