Deepika Padukone made a bet of Rs 600 crore for the industry with 2 films and support of 33 brands.

A month agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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  • Trade scholars claim that those who use drugs do not get jailed, those who trade are punished
  • Deepika Padukone will save the drug case, Jaya Saha and Karishma have revealed

Deepika Padukone’s name has been in constant discussion since her name was revealed in Bollywood’s Drugs Connection. This is likely to have a direct impact on his career. He is betting around Rs 60,000 crore from the industry. This includes his two films and support for 33 brands.

Bet on Deepika

Project How many crores of bets
Anonymous photo by producer Madhu Montana About 200 crore rupees.
Director Shakun Batra’s untitled film About 80-90 crore rupees.
33 Brand Deals Endorsement About 300 crore rupees

(According to trade analyst Atul Mohan, Deepika Padukone charges Rs 8-12 crore for each approval.)

The film’s producers were also caught in drug cases

The story of Madhu Montana’s film is said to be inspired by the character Draupadi of the legendary Mahabharata. However, it has not yet revealed more details. Along with Deepika, Madhu Montana herself is also involved in a drug controversy.

This will damage Deepika’s career

Raj Bangshal, a trade analyst and distributor who has been active in distribution for 40 years, said, “Deepika’s career will suffer. Because nowadays people are not talking about Kisan Bill, Sushant Singh Rajput is not being discussed. Who killed her? Everyone is left behind as a celebrity, but the film collection will suffer. “

Loss at the approval stage

Commerce pundit Atul Mohan said, “Sanjay Dutt was also involved in drugs and terrorist activities. However, he was accepted by the audience. So there is no harm in Deepika in front of the film. But yes, there are definitely losses at the endorsement stage.

Atul Mohan further insisted that Deepika would not be kept in jail. He said, “One is to prove the meaning of WhatsApp chat and the other is to use drugs. There is no jail for those who are involved in business. Those who are involved in business will be sent to jail. Yes, it must be seen how Deepika converts her fans after her name in medicine. You can. “


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