Death Anniversary: ​​Why did Reshma say that her father made a mistake?

New Delhi: Reshma, the famous musician of the long separation song, left this world on this day seven years ago. With the hope that in later life, when his father tells him to leave Rajasthan and go to Pakistan, he will refuse.

Born into a Rajasthani dynasty, Reshma’s voice has been so loud since childhood that her voice resonated far and wide. His father Hazur decided during partition that he would go to Pakistan with his family. Reshma loved to sing like her father Huzur and she used to sing in the village in a tomb every evening. He was eight or nine years old then. His voice was so loud and sweet that crowds began to gather there to listen to his songs. Then once the radio producer heard his song he said why not record his voice? Reshma was so scared, she felt that her voice would come out after recording the voice. They were quickly taken to the radio station. There he recorded the song ‘Damadam Must Kalander’. The song became so beautiful and powerful that it became Reshma’s name.

Reshma was great
The way Reshma sang publicly, she won the same mood. He didn’t remember anything. He had only one wish, he wanted to come to India to meet Indira Gandhi. She considered him her role model. I got a chance during the shooting of ‘Bobby’ in the seventies. Raj Kapoor Reshma liked the voice so much that she adopted her famous song ‘Ankhiya Nu Rahne De, Ankhiyan Da Kol-Kol’ in Hindi Bobby. Reshma happily gave him the right to sing. In return, Raj Kapoor met Indira Gandhi. It was the happiest day of Reshma’s life. He said, “I will be born on this earth in the next life and I will not leave even if you tell Dad.”

There was no money for treatment
Reshma, acclaimed in India and Pakistan, gained a lot of fame in the eighties for her vocal magic. Once again Subhash Ghai gave him the opportunity to sing in his film ‘Hero’ in a long separation. Reshma raised her own money to support her family. When he had throat cancer, there was no point in treating him. The government of Pakistan bears the cost of his treatment. Today he died after going into a coma.

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