Dawn 3: Is this movie coming soon? Shah Rukh fans may end the wait!

Everyone knows that Shah Rukh Khan’s last year’s film ‘Zero’ was a flop, but after this film, no other pictures of Shah Rukh Khan came. Although Rakesh Sharma’s biopic and ‘Dawn 3’ have been discussed from time to time, no concrete news has been published about these two films. However, now a news has come up.

Not stuck Don 3 ‘

In a recent interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Tesh Siddhawani, co-producer of ‘Dawn’, has now cleared up all the confusion. Interview Tesh said in the interview, ‘We are still working on it and we don’t know when it will be made. Everyone is desperate to see the next picture of this franchise and we don’t want to disappoint the fans.

Years 2020 May be released

It has now become clear after the release of Tesh that the film is going to be made and work is going on but will not be released this year. The film is expected to release in theaters next year, in 2020.


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