Daniel Craig originally paid tribute to the death of James Bond

New Delhi: Recognized as the famous Hollywood actor and original James Bond Sir Shawn Connery Actor Daniel Craig is remembered as the greatest personality of the movie. Sir Shan Connery died Saturday at the age of 90.

In his nearly five-decade-long career, Canary has made a deep impression on himself as the character in the Hollywood film ‘James Bond’. He played the title role in the first five films of the Bond series.

Craig said, “I am deeply saddened to hear the news of the death of one of the best personalities in the movie.”

He continued, ‘Sir Shawn will be remembered as Connery Bond or more. The great attitude with which he portrayed his character on the screen can only be measured in megawatts.

Craig added, ‘He will continue to inspire actors and filmmakers alike in the years to come. My thoughts are with her family and loved ones. Wherever he is, he is well.

Craig recently became the James Bond with the 2006 Bond series film Casino Royale. He has played this character a total of five times in the upcoming film ‘No Time to Die’ and this will be the last film in the series.

In another statement, bondmaker Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Brockley say, “Connery has always been and will always be the real James Bond. His unforgettable journey in the history of cinema began at the same time when he announced that the word ‘James Bond..James Bond’ will never be forgotten.

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