Dance Dewan Season 3: 51 Toilets clean up the contestant’s family to survive

New Delhi: After the end of Bigg Boss, ‘Dance Dewan Season 3’ is now seen entertaining people. Many promos of the show are being published continuously. This touching show is showing the stories of many contestants, where the story of Rahul Solanki was also shown. Its promotion was also shared on Instagram.

Rahul’s story

The campaign revealed that Rahul Solanki, the son of a Gujarati family living in a rice hut in Mumbai, had collected eight rice (Mumbai chal) garbage with his family. Not only that, they washed 51 public toilets (51 toilets) in the public and the area. Rahul Solanki’s father’s father also enters the sewer and cleans what he doesn’t like at all. In the video, Rahul says that his dream is to take his family to a better home.

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People get emotional when they hear Rahul’s story

On February 26, Rahul auditioned for ‘Dance Dewan Season 3’ and he was also selected for his performance. Everyone gets emotional when they hear Rahul’s story. Dharmesh Yeland remembers his old days. She said her father still runs a tea shop. He explained to Rahul that no task is small or big.

‘Dance Crazy 3’ came to entertain

Let us know that ‘Dance Diwan Season 3’ has started on Colors Channel on Sunday. The show will see Tushar Kalia, Dharmesh Yelande and Madhuri Dixit as judges. The program was directed by Raghav Jewal. The show is also offering a chance to many faces who have gone viral through social media. There is no set age for displaying your talents in the show, that is, intelligent talents of each age will be part of this show.

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