‘Dabangg’ franchise celebration is like a career celebration: Sonakshi Sinha

Mumbai Dabang Suffrage (Dabang) F.Ranchize) has created huge numbers of fans across the country and reigned supreme at the box office. Chulbul Pandey aka Robinhood Pandey, one of the favorite cops of this spice entertainer, is once again meeting his heroism and bizarre adventures. Dabangg 3 is set to have its world television premiere on October 25 at 12 noon.

Directed by Prabhu Deva, ‘Dabang 3’ stars Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Mahesh Manjrekar, Arbaaz Khan and Sundari Abhishek actress Sai Manjrekar. Dabang Three shows the debut of Phulbul Pandey as a police officer. He encounters an old enemy named Boli Singh, from which his old memories are refreshed and he then tackles the situation to save his loved ones. As part of the Dabang franchise, the glamorous Sonakshi Sinha has played the role of Rajjo. Sonakshi Sinha had a special discussion on the occasion of the world television premiere of the film describing her experience. Read what he said …

You are the only actress in the three franchises of this movie, how do you feel?

Dabang is like home to me. I started my career in the industry with this film. I am glad that I am an integral part of this franchise. It is an honor for me and I am grateful to everyone, especially Salman Khan, who trusted me in the role of Rajjo and gave me the first break. Dabangg is one of the most successful franchises and it feels great to be a strong part of this journey in such a situation.What was it like working from Dabangg 1 to Dabangg 3?

Dabangg is an interesting film and we have enjoyed working together in every franchise. Although in the first picture I was new and learning everything and then in the pictures I started to understand it. By then I had gained some experience, so I was more confident. With each installment of the film I have come closer to my character Rajjo. I understood my character and presented it more easily. Rajjo’s character has changed a lot in the last few years. He went from a daughter to a happy and protective wife, daughter-in-law and a mother. In such a situation, the qualities of this character have also changed. So each install was something new for me.

Why do you think Dabangg is a super entertaining movie, liked by all kinds of viewers?

I believe that listeners like a picture when they are personally involved with the character and situation of the film or when they see an inspirational character. Dabang has both its own character and situation. The franchise has everything from action and drama to comedy and even romantic sequences. The spice and entertainment has gotten bigger and better with Dabangg 3. Although it contains the exploitation of the famous Kapul Chulbul Pandey, it takes the audience to the earlier story, which is why he became Chulbul Pandey i.e. Robinhood Pandey today. The situation takes an unexpected turn when it comes to his past in the role of the film’s villain Boli Singh and this is what turns him into a whole family entertainment.

How did you feel about God giving you dominance?

I enjoyed working with the Lord Sir. I have worked with him on three films and he is always dedicated and full of passion on set. His strength matches well with Dabang’s strength. I think no one could have done better than Lord Sir with the story of the beginning of Chubul. In the case of spice films he knows well about the preferences of the Indian audience and I like his reputation. Working with them is always a fun and learning experience.

Has Rajjo emerged as a strong woman in the last few years?

Rajjo is a very good, humble and strong wife and mother, whom we see in every Indian family. He puts the family together and in his opinion it is true. What I like most about this character is his relationship with Chulbul Pandey. The chemistry between them is usually shown to be completely different and completely different.

Even today, what makes you happiest with Dabag 3?

I believe in moving forward with the flow and I have always been like that. I’m glad I got the Dabang picture. As I said Dabangg attracted me and I started my career with this film, so this film will always be special to me. The film received so much love and acclaim that it now claimed the story of its debut. I am grateful to all those who have made Dabangk possible for me. That’s why I can’t celebrate a single film of this franchise. Dabang has introduced me to the industry. Celebrating Dabangg is like celebrating your career and with each episode it is getting bigger and better.


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