Controversy over Manish Paul’s ad: Manish’s new ad accuses him of defaming Kashmiris, claims on social media

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10 minutes ago

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The hosiery brand has become controversial due to new advertising of dollars. The ad, portrayed by TV host and actor Manish Paul, is accused of misrepresenting Kashmiris. Social media users are opposing both Manish and the company and demanding the removal of the ad. Manish Paul shared the video on Twitter three days ago.

Manish wrote in the caption, “Glad to share with you the new promotion of Dollar Thermal run by Nonu Chidia. There is no need for anything extra in dollars.”

Social media users have made such comments

Commenting on Manish’s advertisement, a social media user wrote, “Mr. Manish Paul, this is quite disrespectful. In fact, it is against Kashmiris. We are known around the world for our hospitality. You are showing it. It should be removed.

Another user commented, “Manish Paul and Dollar Big Boss remove it or never come to Kashmir. Kashmir is the safest place for Kashmir tourists.”

One user commented, “Mr. Paul you are a very good anchor but you are not allowed to read at this level for decades we have been living without dollars, with 0% crime rate against tourists we are not thieves” but shelter the needy. I hope you will correct the facts. “

One user commented, “What are you trying to convey against the beautiful background of Kashmir? Kashmiris deserve respect, not such advertisements.”

One user commented, “This ad is hurting and insulting the sick and Kashmiris by showing them as thieves. This ad known for its Kashmir hospitality should be removed immediately.”

What is shown in the video

According to the video, Manish Paul is taking a selfie with his partner when a thief comes and takes off his jacket and runs away. Manish chases him and then the two go to the shores of Dal Lake and stop. After that, Manish and his partner give the thief all their clothes one by one and say, “Dollars too much … I don’t want anything extra.”


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