‘Congratulations’ fame Gajraj Rao said- I don’t choose any role, the roles choose me themselves, Sureka ji herself is so capable that she doesn’t need anyone’s help.

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  • Badhai Ho Fame Gajraj Rao says I don’t choose any role, Rolls himself chooses me, Surkha Jit is so capable that he doesn’t need any help.

Ankita Tiwari, Mumbai17 days ago

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In the recently released web series ‘Paribar’, actor Gajraj Rao is once again showing his acting skills. He says that he signed this web series only because he had to work with the director of the film “Deya Fry”. In an exclusive interview with Daily Bhaskar, he shared stories related to the shooting and his life.

Q: This colonel has taught us a lot, what have you learned from this difficult time?

Elephant ‘We all learned in the Corona era how to save ourselves and how to work, stay safe. I don’t think this mask is going to go anywhere in our lives in the next 1 or 2 years but even today when people wear masks under their noses, I get angry. A few days ago I went to the bank where people were seen wearing masks under their noses. I thought I should go and say something, but nowadays people learn very quickly. We all need to understand that we are wearing masks for our safety, not just duty.

Q- Your look is very interesting in this web series, you are seeing big hair for the first time?

Elephant My appearance in ‘Family’ is directed by Sagar Ballari. I am a big fan of his picture ‘Fry Fry’ and have seen him about 25 to 50 times. So I am very happy that I got the opportunity to work with him and things have become easier on his own. She has disguised this look and everyone likes it very much.

Q: Ranbir Shore, Vijay Raj and Abhishek Banerjee are all known for their comic timing, was there a light joke on the set?

Elephant ‘All these actors are proud of the industry and I am very happy that I got the opportunity to work with all of them. But the schedule we had was very busy and we went to an outdoor place in Lucknow during the scorching heat. Due to which everyone’s condition was very bad. We often laughed, but because of the busy schedule, everyone was focused on work.

Q: You have been getting a lot of offers since the success of ‘Badhai Ho’, but what is the purpose behind choosing a project?

Elephant ‘It seems to me that the roles choose me, the scripts choose me. The motive behind doing this series was that I had to work with the director of ‘Veya Fry’ and I saw a few previous shows from the producers that I liked very much so I was interested to be a part of this series. There are different reasons behind choosing each project and the most important reason is the script. ‘

Q: You recently hosted a promo for the India Wal Maa serial, how was it possible to sit at your home?

Elephant ‘I’ve actually been running promos for 15 to 17 years at a production company. It was a new experience because I was at home and my whole team was in the studio. I shot this promotion remotely and everyone liked it very much. ‘

Gajraj Rao with Neel Gupta and Sureka Sikri on the set of 'Badhai Ho'.

Gajraj Rao with Neel Gupta and Sureka Sikri on the set of ‘Badhai Ho’.

Q: Your co-star in the film Badhai Ho, Surkha Jit is feeling sick, have you talked to him recently?

Elephant ‘I am in regular contact with Sureka Zia. I talk to them, keep them informed about their health. I talked to her a few days ago and she was able to talk. Sureka ji herself is so capable in terms of financial support that she does not need anyone’s help. She is a very lively woman and I am confident that in 2 months she will be able to stand on her own two feet and start working again, because acting is her passion and she has a lot of desire to live life. She loves me very much and inspires us all a lot.


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