Confirm: This veteran actor will play the role of Ratan Tata in Prime Minister Modi’s biopic, read

There is a biopic going on in Bollywood these days, where every director’s first choice is a biopic. In such a situation, the discussion on the biopic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ is in full swing. The first look of the film has also been released recently. I tell you, Vivek Oberoi is playing the role of Narendra Modi in this film. Where the names of other characters in this film are also coming to the fore.


It is now reported that Bowman Irani will be seen playing the role of Indian businessman Ratan Tata in Prime Minister Modi’s biopic. Talking about the character, Irani said, “Many times people told me that I was similar to Ratan Tata Zia. I always thought that these characters should play me. Then when Sandeep and Vivek called me for the role, I just said yes to the offer. My character in the film will be small but the role is strong and important.

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At the same time, Bollywood actor Prashant Narayanan will be seen in the role of a villain in this film. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. He is playing the fictional character of Aditya Reddy, the country’s biggest industrialist. Shooting is about to start at various locations in Gujarat. In this film, Prime Minister Narendra Modi “will show the way from the inauguration of Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat until he becomes the 14th Prime Minister of the country after the 2014 general elections.”


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