‘Commando’ actress Ginger Sharma, not Maldives, is busy roaming here, you will also watch the video and say – India is the best

Actress Ginger Sharma wrote on her Instagram, ‘No one here has ever taken such a shot before, I’m lucky.’

Actress Ginger Sharma shared a video on her Instagram. He writes that it is Maharajpuram in the Maldives. You might want to go see this scene too …

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Even within the Corona period, people began to turn around. The names of the actresses associated with the film world are at the top. His top destination is the Maldives. Most of the actors and actresses including Sonakshi Sinha, Eli Abrams, Samantha Akkenenini to Rakul Preet Singh are here on holiday these days. At the same time, many celebrities of the TV industry are also spending their holidays there. In the midst of all this, actress Ginger Sharma found the Maldives for herself in India.

In fact, Ginger Sharma, who worked in the ‘Commando’ series, has gone to a beautiful place in India instead of the Maldives. Ada Sharma, an actress active in South Indian films, wrote on Instagram, ‘This is not Mahadev, Maharajpuram. Incredible India. But don’t ask how we got here. No one here has taken such a shot before and I am lucky. However, we only came here to take drone shots. You can also plan to watch this beautiful video here.

Where is Maharajpuram?Maharajpuram is a beautiful village surrounded by natural scenery in the Sriviliputhur block of Birudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu. There are many hills and lakes around it which makes it more picturesque.

Worked on these films

Ginger Sharma started her career in the Hindi film industry in 2006. His first film was 1920. After that, he made a Telugu movie with Heart Attack in 2014 after working on two more Hindi films, where he was opposite Aniton. In the same year, he also acted in Parineeti Chopra starrer ‘Hansi To Fancy’. Apart from Hindi films, he has also acted in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films.


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