Comedian Girish Guthi and Doctor Gulati still keep the national character alive on stage

Girish Sharma is changing the definition of live event anchoring in India. Girish, who anchored many big and popular live events, has now become the first choice of event organizers. Girish has become popular not only in Mumbai but also in every corner of the country. Along with comedian Sunil Grover, Girish, who appeared in a video released for ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, is now taking on a new dimension in live event anchoring. No matter what event Girish goes to, every heart is touched by his energy, sense of humor and spot response. Girish has created tremendous fan following due to his brilliant style which has anchored more than 3000 live events around the world in 3 years.

Anchor Girish Sharma’s specialty is that he is both a talented actor and a comedian. In live shows, Girish has acted in many funny and popular characters in Hindi movies and Kapil Sharma shows. His funny character is ‘Little Scholar’ which was inspired by the film ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’. He was also seen playing Sunil Grover’s famous characters Dr. Gulati and Gutti in the live show. Girish is a popular YouTuber and also very popular among the youth. Let me tell you that Girish started a YouTube series called ‘Mad Boy’ which went viral not only in India but also in countries like Pakistan and Dubai. .

Girish Dimari, a resident of Borno Dewal, a small village in Rudraprayag district in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, is a big name in the anchor industry and studied at SD College in Ambala Cantt.

Girish says “Every time I go on stage I talk to myself and say this is the last event of my life. Shouldn’t this be my best performance? Shouldn’t the thunderbolt praise be uttered today? I give my best ‘

Girish said that earlier people used to speak Hindi and dream big in their small town. But now they are unable to live enchanted by their amazing anchoring, watching their viral videos.


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