Co-star Alka Ashalta performed Wabgaonkar’s funeral when the family did not come, he said, if the situation worsens, you should do my funeral.

A month ago

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Ashalata and Alka were shooting for the Marathi TV serial I Maji Kalubai.

Actress Ashalata Wabgaonkar, who worked in Marathi and Hindi films, died on September 22 at the age of 83. He was admitted to a private hospital in Satar, Maharashtra after contracting corona. Asha’s family lives in Mumbai which could not reach Satara, so she was cremated by the actress ’co-star Alka Kubal.

Alka spoke to the Mumbai Mirror about this. Alka said Ashalata did not want her family to know about her health and said that if the situation got worse, you would perform my funeral. Hope looked good until Tuesday and seems to be recovering soon but then suddenly his health deteriorated further and he was given a ventilator. He died at 4.45 am on September 22.

Due to the corona epidemic, his family could not come to Satara from Mumbai and his family said his body should not be brought to Mumbai, after which I performed his Satsara funeral. I am glad that since she is my mother I have been able to fulfill her last wish.

Corona’s job was done during the shooting

Alka further said that for the last one month, Ashalata has been shooting with us for the Marathi TV serial I Maji Kalubai. One week ago, after taking all the precautions on set, the 22-member coroner became positive. Asha Geo became infected. Many recovered but age did not support Asaji. He was 83 years old but still unique. He was a senior citizen, so when he came to shoot, he had to inform the producers in writing that he was coming to shoot of his own free will because more than 65 actors were banned from shooting.

The journey of despair in Bollywood

Ashalata acted in more than a hundred Hindi and Marathi films. For the first time in Bollywood, he acted in a picture of Basu Chatterjee. For this he received the ‘Bengal Critics Award’ and the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award. In ‘Zanjeer’, she played the role of Amitabh Bachchan’s stepmother. Ashalata has acted in many brilliant Hindi films including Ankush, Apan Paraya, Ahista Ahista, Shaukeen, Oh Seven Days, Namak Halal and Yadon Ki Kasam.


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