Chitrangada had a dark career, he had to lose this responsibility

New Delhi: Chitrangada Singh may be known for her beauty but there was a time when she faced discrimination due to her dark complexion. Chitrangada revealed that in the early days of modeling, not only was she discriminated against, many things got out of hand.

Last month, Chitrangada posted an Instagram story with the caption, “I am dark and happy.” The post went viral. People also reacted to this.

Speaking to the Bombay Times, Chitrangada said, ‘I know the feeling of living like a dark-skinned girl. This is not something that people will say directly to you. You can only understand it. Growing thinner in northern India, I felt it much more. Chitrangada lived in Rajasthan before coming to Mumbai.

Chitrangada also told how he lost the job because of his caste. She said, ‘I have given up the responsibility of modeling. In the early days it was an ad shoot. I was specifically asked to remove Ed from the shoot. It was said that one of the two was chosen. Luckily Gulzar Sahab auditioned for one of my products, from where he chose me for one of his music videos. Then I realized that not everyone here is looking for white people.

Let me tell you, Chitrangada was last seen in the ‘market’ with Saif Ali Khan. He has also been seen making cameos in the film ‘Ghomketu’ recently. This film was made by Anurag Kashyap. Nawazuddin was in the lead role. The actress also starred in a short film during the lockdown.

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