Chiranjeevi, who tested positive for Karna, met the Telangana Chief Minister two days ago

Veteran southern film actor Chiranjeevi has also suffered from corona. (Photo courtesy Twitter @Kechiruwitwits)

Many celebrities in the entertainment world also fell prey to the coronavirus and now veteran southern film actor Chiranjeevi is also suffering from coronavirus.

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New Delhi. Coronavirus Has had a global impact. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in India. So far, there have been more than 75 lakh cases of corona in the country, of which 9 million people have won the war, but more than one lakh people have lost their lives due to this disease. Many celebrities in the entertainment world have fallen victim to the disease and now veteran actors in southern films Chiranjeevi Corona also suffered.

Tweet info
Chiranjeevi gave this information in his tweet account. He said in a tweet that he got under his covid test protocol before the shoot of the film ‘Acharya’, so he was found positive. He further added that he has no symptoms of corona. He is currently in self-quarantine. He has applied for corona test of the people he met on the last day.

He met the Prime Minister of Telangana and Nagarjuna

Let me tell you that on November 7, Chiranjeevi was the Chief Minister of Telangana. I met Chandrasekhar Rao. According to media reports, he did not wear a mask at the time. According to reports, he only held his mask in his hand. Southern superstar Nagarjuna was also present at the time.


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