Chhath 2020 – Chhat is a very powerful festival – Bhojpuri singer Akshara Singh

Akshar Singh’s Bhojpuri song Chhath is heart touching.

Akshar Singh Jetna is also known for singing popular songs in Bhojpuri films. The song sung by Chhat was very much liked. Special talk with the characters on the occasion of the roof –

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Bhojpuri In filming, the singer became a traditional hero. Lots of male artists from Manoj Tiwari to Nirhua came together. The example of the emergence of the character lion is different from the rest of the screen logins. After working on the film, Kaila Chamkala, she leaned towards singing again and became very successful. He hit many go songs on the occasion of Chhath. According to him, when he thought of Chhath, he thought it was a very powerful and very sacred festival.

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How powerful is it?
In a single reply, Akshar Singh said – “Amma is safe from the clashes.” U Iyad Kareli – “May be five to six years old. Ri Aari Sharda Sinha’s songs became very popular. In Okra Bowl, there was talk of cat Mayun. This word sounded very good for children’s knowledge in Sunla songs. I have to laugh a lot when I hear this song on the occasion of Chhath. Amma and Gili came to the same place to be flowered and as they kept moving in their hands, they killed us too. This is why Merrill’s courage swells. Ammar’s beating always made me realize that the roof is a very powerful festival. Kavano laughed This festival of holiness in Agra ha ha Kavano, the fruit of error is immediately found. The letter said that since then the knot has been tied that Chhath has full faith.

Where is Manwali Chhat now?

Get a chance in Patna. Akshar Yadav Kareli- “Two years ago, a lot of artists were involved in the Chhath program in Patna.” The roof of the family Yadi Saw Akshar Kahli said, with the best roof family. Family and community are all together, there is a lot of fun.

All together, the roof manabata rahal ha. “
Akshar Singh also recalled the Mumbai riots. You remember Kareli, seeing the enthusiasm of Juhu Chhat. Many times the program has lost its balance. He said that earlier the enthusiasm of the people of Shunya Bihar would remain the same, now the people of UP will also join the public meeting overnight. Chhat’s song

Chhat’s Bhojpuri song
Discussion about Kaheli’s song in the roof letter in Kaila – – Bhojpuri Roat Job Bajela Ta Rowan Rowan Sihar Uthila’s Song Song actually filled the mind with Bhojpuri melody and enthusiasm. Logan has received a lot of love. The first release in Bhojpuri was Humra or Song, a sample song of love by Iho Logan, liked by more than 100 million people.


For Chath, Logan’s message was given by Akshar Kaheli – “For the younger generation, Logan wants him to learn the right lesson from the older generation and move on to Ori Acre.” Akshar Singh, who became the new generation’s beat Without connection, the right path of society cannot be found. This festival is above all a festival of couples. ”


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