Chhapak: Deepika has released the first look of the film, looking stunning

Deepika Padukone has not done any film since ‘Padmavat’. But nowadays his second film ‘Chhapak’ is being discussed almost every day. Acid Attack survivor Lakshmi Agarwal will be seen in the film. Now this information about the picture is coming out that Deepika herself has made her first appearance.

Splash First look

Deepika Padukone has released the first look of the upcoming photo printer. Deepika released the first look of this film a while ago. After seeing this look, it is felt that Lakshmi has faced problems in her life with a smile. Sharing her first look on her Twitter account, Deepika wrote in the caption, ‘A character who will always be with me … Malti.’ It is clear that Deepika’s character in this film will be named Malti.

10 The film will be released in January

For your information, let us know that this film of Deepika Padukone will be released in theaters on January 10, 2020. At the age of 15, he was attacked by an acid-infected man. This incident has not only made Lakshmi stronger, she has also spoken out against the attack and sale of acid by forming a company called Stop Cell Acid.


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