Chetan Bhagat said – If Deepika has done wrong, she must be punished, those who have no concern for the country, how can they call themselves nationalists?

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  • Chetan Bhagat said that if Deepika Padukone made a mistake, she must be punished, no one is worried about the problems of the country, how can they call themselves nationalists?

Jyoti Sharma, MumbaiA month ago

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Many big names have been caught up in it since the Bollywood drug connection came to the fore. Chetan Bhagat, a well-known Punjabi novelist, says that the name of Bollywood is being tarnished by some people, but if anyone does something wrong, action should be taken against them and they should be punished.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Bhaskar, Chetan said, ‘Above all, he is a human being and if he makes a mistake, he too must be punished. There is nothing but law. ‘

He added, ‘But if you talk about the media or those who are shouting on social media, I don’t think they need to think more on these issues. Instead, they should pay attention to the situation in their country.

First put out the fire in your house

According to Chetan, ‘If people are more interested in the lives of Bollywood and artists apart from the big issues of the country, it will be the same thing instead of putting out fires in their homes, it is more important for people to see what is going on in a better home.

No one called himself great

“And if it is said that people follow them, then I want to ask them if you voted for them or if someone said that he is a great person or a very good man.” “But why do people push so hard and call them so bad? They’ve done what they have to do, good or bad.”

These issues should not be ignored

According to the author, ‘Bollywood artists work to entertain people. They entertain people, they never say we never do anything bad. So I don’t think people need to pay so much attention to these issues.

I am so scared of drugs

He said, ‘What could be more frustrating than talking about all the entertainment channels these days instead of the news. I am against drugs and I am so afraid of drugs anyway that if I ever take it by mistake and because of that my writing industry goes away what will I do?

With what face do we call ourselves nationalists?

In the end Chetan said, ‘If people pay more attention to the news of Deepika Padukone investigation and try to know more about what the NCB interrogated and what Deepika said. If the people are interested in it, even if they are not interested in the issue of the nation, by what right will they call themselves nationalists?


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